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Provonas provides Fortune 500 enterprise solutions like network design,security, data management, and VPNís to small to midsize companies. This technology is now priced well within the budgets of this vastly growing market.  

Still using tape backups?  There is a better way to protect your data. Off-site and on-site backup is key to protecting corporate data.  Backing up your critical data to an offsite data center is available.  On-site backup can use a normal hard-drives.  Depending on your needs you could swap a hard-drive out each night  like you did with tapes  Both of these solutions are priced well within your budget 

We find many users and  busniess owners are still struggling with the decision of what to do when Microsoft comes out with a new security patch or just updates.  Many users and busniess owners don't even both doing them!! This is just shocking to the tech industry. This basic  yet complicated to owners and users is like leaving your doors unlocked, leaving the keys to your Jag on the counter while you posted on the web your going on vaction.  The fall out from just the lastest hack "Target" is just one example. If they had a patched their systems and paid attention to there Antivirus alerts none of non of that would have happend. 

The lastest study came out said that over a 12-month period your employees on average could waste as much as 300 hours just trying to implement the corect Microsoft patching policyThis doesnít even include virus attacks that can destroy not only a dayís work but can render your employee's computer uselss and the data highjacked.

Provonas bings the keys to protecting your network with leading protection solutions from basic PC secutiry patching, to Virus/Malware/Scareware and Ransom-ware.  We keep these threats at bay so you can contiune to do busniess without the hassle.  This is all warpped up in our Tier packages so you know exactly what your getting and what your needs going forward will be.

Looking for a viable solution for connecting those remote offices or need remote access for your telecommuters?  We can design and implement VPN solution for you company in a shorter time than you thought possible.





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