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Remote Data Backup "RDM"

Small Office    $150.00    per month

Medical            $200.00    per month

Tier 1 Plan       $300.00    per month

Tier 2 Plan       $600.00    per month

Tier 3 Plan       $1150.00  per month

Tier 4 Plan       $2550.00  per month

Tier 5 Plan       $4250.00  per month

Tier 6 Plan       $5650.00  per month

Tier 7 Plan       Call for onsite network review and quote

We also offer enterprise backup only solutions that are completely automatic.  We install the software on your server and everything else is taken care of.  Call us for pricing and  details!!

The plans provide the following


Remote Access - VPN - RAS

Access from your home or on the road to your data at all times.


RMS - Remote Management Support 

RMS provides PC support that gives us the ability to trouble shoot your users issues over the phone during or after office hours.   


OHM - Off Hours Maintenance

OHM is performed after hours maintenance to include Virus scans, Virus Updates, Windows drivers, security updates, defrag and any software installs or issues your users have that need to be fixed before the next business day.

RDM - Remote Data Management

RDM is performed after hours for backup of your critical data monthly, weekly or daily per your request to our secure servers.

OMC - Onsite emergency care

OMC is available in Tier 2-3 Plans. Included is free onsite emergency care per month, if we need to handle an onsite issue .


We also offer Network onsite consulting

            Including the following 

1.  Fast Access to the internet and your corporate intranet 

2.  Firewalls, intrusion detection and VPNís 

3.  Workstations and Servers including storage arrays

4.  Network design layouts and integration 

5. New network installs 

6.  Migration of workstations Win-2000 / WinXP to Win-7.

7.  Migration of Win2K Servers with Active Directory to Win2003-Win-2012 DC.

8.  Wireless network setup

9.  Advanced Router setup for datacenter muti-homed connections



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